Fish Pickup - Welcome to Our Unique Live Fish Market!

Quality Stocker Fish

Lone Star Legacy Bass at Overton Fisheries

At our live fish market you are free to look around, check out the fish, and ask questions before you decide to buy.  Our unique set-up is a drive-through fish pickup experience.  

Live Box Transport Containers

Fish in Live Boxes at Overton Fisheries Live Fish Market

We have been packing fish in oxygen bags for over 20 years, with a great success rate.  Rest assured that you can transport your own fish with a high degree of confidence.  

Awesome Facilities

Overton Fisheries Live Fish Market Facility

We are proud to have about 50 fish holding tanks for aquaculture production, fish holding, and to service our live fish market and delivery services across Texas.  

Aquaculture Production Ponds

Overton Fisheries Texas Fish Farm Fish Hatchery

Our fish are cultured in extensive aquaculture production ponds.  We have 30 ponds at Overton Fisheries.

Bald Eagles!

Bald Eagles at Overton Fisheries

Bald Eagles sightings most every day at Overton Fisheries.  

Aquaponics In Action!

Aquaponics at Overton Fisheries

Check out our Aqua-potics displays.  We use integrated aquaponics with wicking pots to grow some of the best produce ever.