Custom Management Services

On-Site Consultation


Get a professional fishery biologist out to your pond or lake before you  stock and get a water quality analysis, custom stocking and management  plan,  and a face to face relationship. 

Water Quality Testing


Basic Water Testing Includes: pH, Hardness, Alkalinity. 

Advanced Water Testing is also available. 

Electrofishing Surveys

Overton Fisheries performs electrofishing surveys in Texas Lakes & Ponds

Our complete survey includes water quality testing, fish population survey, aquatic vegetation management recommendations, management plan and proposal.  This method can also be used as a management strategy for selective harvest of overcrowded  largemouth bass populations.  

Aquatic Vegetation Management

Overton Fisheries offers aquatic vegetation control in Texas Lakes & Ponds

Does your lake or pond have problematic aquatic vegetation growth?  We offer custom aquatic vegetation management control options. 

Clearing Muddy Waters

Overton Fisheries offers Texas pond and lake clearing muddy water.

One of our specialties is clearing muddy lakes and ponds.   First step is water testing to determine feasibility and solid plan of action.  

Ag Lime Applications


Lime application is often necessary to improve water quality in east Texas lakes and ponds.  Ag lime raises water hardness and alkalinity, providing calcium for aquatic health and raising alkalinity at the same time.  

Electrofishing Surveys - Texas Fisheries Management

Overton Fisheries - Professional Electrofishing Surveys