Why Should You Buy From Us?

1.   Look Before You Buy.  Our primary mission is to provide the highest quality stocker fish available.  For us, "It's All About The Fish!".  We have an extensive open-air fish facility with many tanks, vats, and ponds,  where you can browse, shop, look at fish, ask questions, etc.  Unlike most of our competition, here at Overton Fisheries you can see the product before you buy.  Fish feeders, aeration systems, and a demo EZ Dock are on display and in current operation here for you to see.  

2.   Exclusive Fish Strains, Overall High-Quality Fish, and Wide Variety.  We take our genetics program very seriously, aiming to produce exclusive strains, like our Lone Star Legacy Bass, OTS Coppernose Bluegill, Black/Gold Mozambique Tilapia, and D&B Blue Catfish.  We also provide non-conventional stocking options such as Hybrid Stripers and Rainbow Trout.

3.   Highest Quality Products.  We offer the highest quality fishery management products on the market.  You get what you pay for.  Don't spend good money after bad, purchase a solid, high-quality, industry tested product from the get-go.  We have products on demo.

4.   Higher Education and Experience.  Our staff is well-educated, also with a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge about many aspects of aquaculture and fishery management.  Since 1998.

5.   Convenience.  Our fish farm is conveniently located between Dallas and Houston on I-45.  Many clients find it convenient that they can stop by our location to pick up fish, products, fish food, herbicides, etc.  Our direct delivery service offers  convenience as well, allowing you to schedule your fish delivery on a day that works for you and leaving all of the work to us.

6.  Highly Trained, Friendly, and Courteous Staff.  

7.  The Unique Fish Farm Experience.  Visiting a fish farm is truly a unique experience.  Purchasing live fish in the open air market setting that we provide is fun for the whole family, and allows for you to visually inspect the product before the purchase and as we count and package fish for transport.  A lot of our pond and lake management products are also here at work on our farm for demo.  

8.  We are Proud to be Texans.  Keep your business in Texas.  

9.  Price, Value, Experience.  We keep our prices competitive, and we believe that your experience doing business with Overton Fisheries will add value to your fisheries management journey.   

10.  Quality Guarantee.  Ask our customers.  If you have issues with our products or stocker fish then we address the problem and take care of it.  Your business and your word of mouth referrals are very important to us.  

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