Powdered Gypsum for Water Quality Management

Powdered Bulk Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate)

We offer bulk powdered  gypsum, as well as professional delivery and application.  Gypsum is  used to increase water hardness and for clearing excessive clay  turbidity in lakes and ponds.  A minimum of 20mg/liter total hardness is  recommended in fisheries, as calcium is a basic and necessary mineral  in the make-up of all forms of aquatic life.  In fisheries with total  hardness levels < 20 mg/liter, we recommend adding 1-2 tons of gypsum  per surface acre.  

Gypsum is the ideal product for remediation of muddy  water conditions, because it is not harmful to aquatic life (even in  excessive quantities), improves water quality by increasing hardness,  and is an all-natural product.   Muddy water is suitable for catfish,  but other sight-feeding species like bass, and sunfish will suffer in excessively turbid conditions.  If you have a pond or lake with muddy water, we can help!  Provide us  with 2) 1 gallon water samples in clear water jugs for analysis, and we will determine the feasibility and the correct amount of gypsum needed for your particular  situation.  Cost for the water testing is $25.  We also run simulations with alum when necessary.  Typical application  rates of gypsum for clearing muddy water are 1/2 ton - 2 tons per acre-ft.  


Base price for gypsum is $150 per ton.   Powdered gypsum product is available for pick up at our live fish market, and measured/loaded with a tractor bucket.   We quote all of our gypsum applications based on laboratory simulation.   


Superfine Ag Lime for Water Quality Management

Powdered Bulk Agricultural Lime (Calcium Carbonate)

We offer bulk powdered agricultural grade lime, as well as  professional delivery and application.   Lime is used to increase water  hardness and alkalinity.  A minimum of 20mg/liter alkalinity is  recommended for ponds and lakes.  A simple water test for alkalinity can  help you determine if you need to apply lime to your fishery.   We  provide basic water quality testing services to assess the need for lime  application  ($25 water testing fee) .  Typical application rate for lime is 1-2 tons per surface acre.  


Base price for superfine agricultural lime is $95 per ton, and product is currently available for pick up at our live fish market.